Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day to All (but me)

Father's Day is 2 days away. I have been feeling extremely sad this past week. This will be the first Father's Day where I will not be purchasing plain white crew neck tees size Large, plain white briefs size 36-38, and plain white athletic cotton socks. These were standards gifts from us to our dad. He liked to use these items thoroughly and then dispose of them. So, for each and every special occasion, we would always get him these same three things. Once in a while we would change it up. I remember I once bought him colored crew tees and he did not wear them at all....he said he was comfortable in his plain white tees because they went with everything. And we also bought him colored boxer briefs once. He also did not wear them...he gave them away. Last year I was too busy with other things that I did not buy my dad anything. I did go see him and spend a couple minutes of my busy life with him. I figured I would just buy him something 'nice' next year. Now I look back at that time and wish I could relive it for just a little bit more. Please...just a couple of minutes more to spend with my father on Father's Day 2010.

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