Friday, January 21, 2011


Hello...My name is Nancy and my dad was an alcoholic.
For as long as I can remember my dad always loved drinking. I thought all adults drank and it was a normal everyday thing. My dad never considered himself an alcoholic because he maintained his job, and paid all his bills on time. An alcoholic was someone who lost their family, friends and job because of alcohol. So clearly he wasn't an alcoholic. He just loved to drink his Budweiser. I idolized my father, like any other young girl. I thought he was the strongest, smartest, and nicest dad ever. During my pre-teen years, around 12 or so, I realized my dad had a drinking problem. I soon realized that my dad was indeed an alcoholic and not only that, but he also was physically abusive to my mom. So,  my dad was no longer the great man I had known. When I realized that my dad was not perfect I was devastated. As I grew up, I came to accept him and love him as he was. He was an alcoholic but he was still my dad. He was still the same strong man who at one point in time let his three kids hang  by his biceps and swung us around. He was still the same smart man who helped us with our homework, even if he was tired from having worked a 12-16 hr shift. He was still the nice man who lent people money knowing that they were not going to pay him back. He had an addiction to alcohol and he never got the help he needed to cure him of his addiction.
I love you and miss you deeply

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