Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My dad recently passed away earlier this month. I have never blogged or read any blogs but I like to write in my journal and decided that typing is much easier for me. So, I don't know if anyone besides me will read this but it's okay...I am just venting and putting my thougths out there. Today I took out my son to the museum. I was on the bus and I saw a family, mother, father, son and daughter, on the bus. The mom and the son sat together and the father/daughter stood together. The father was making the daughter laugh and at that point I got teary eyed. I miss my dad so much. I realize now that I took my dad for granted. I didn't realize how many gray hairs he had grown, or that he had gotten a few more wrinkles by this eyes, or that his beard was graying. I only came to realize all these bits of information while he was lying in the hospital bed. I told him I loved him every chance I got while he was good and healthy. I hugged him every chance I could but it was always rushed...I wish now I could have held on to him longer,lingering in his arms for a few more minutes. I wish now I could have noticed his gray hairs and his wrinkles sooner. I remember when my dad made me laugh and giggle. I wanted to tell that little girl in the bus to savor those moments because they don't last forever.

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